International Transactions and Dispute Resolution

Bafa Law represents its domestic and foreign clients in the field of International Transactions and Dispute Resolution, in international commercial transactions or commercial disputes.

Bafa Law provides foreign clients with the initiation and execution of transactions in Turkey; It provides a versatile and unique legal consultancy service regarding the compliance of these transactions with the Turkish and/or own country’s legislation, and the resolution of international commercial disputes of Turkish and/or foreign clients, regardless of whether the dispute will be resolved in Turkey or abroad by judicial or peaceful means.

Some of the services offered by Bafa Law in the field of International Transactions:
Follow-up of foreign receivables originating from exports and imports
Execution and execution of judicial decisions in foreign countries
Providing consultancy services in the preparation of export documents
Providing consultancy services to companies on investment incentives
Resolution of disputes arising from customs procedures
Preparation of defenses against practices regarding the prevention of unfair competition in imports
Resolution of disputes in free zones
Resolution of disputes regarding customs clearance, transportation, insurance and delivery of imported or exported products