Health and Medicine

Providing services to both local and international clients, Bafa Law Health and Pharmaceuticals Department provides services regarding the resolution of all contractual and administrative disputes arising from sectoral activities.

Some of the services provided by Bafa Law to the Health and Pharmaceutical sector:
Preparation of purchase-sale contracts for pharmaceutical raw materials and drug production-development contracts
Preparation of confidentiality agreements
Preparation of drug distribution (distributor) contracts
Preparation of contracts for clinical trials
Follow-up of Industrial Property lawsuits (mainly related to disputes arising from drug patents and drug brands)
Preparation of recycling contracts of hazardous wastes-packaging
Consultancy services regarding administrative procedures related to pharmaceutical sales and marketing licensing
Patent registration for pharmaceutical inventions and applications of pharmaceutical brands, follow-up of registration processes
Working in constant communication with the human resources units of its clients, it ensures that the entire procedure is carried out in accordance with the legal regulations from the beginning to the end of the employment process, and supports the re-arrangement of the client application for compliance with the legislation when deemed necessary.