Foreigners and Citizenship Law

Our Law Office, which operates in a country like Turkey, which is moving from a country of immigration to a country of immigration in the last quarter, where the macro dynamics of international economic migration is determined, provides actual legal consultancy services in the field of Foreigners Law through our well-equipped Lawyers and Foreigner Consultants.

In the light of our purpose and legal mission, we present the legal consultancy services we provide to our domestic and foreign real and legal person clients below for your information:

Residence permit,
residence permit extension applications for foreigners who want to live in Turkey,
follow-up and finalization,
Making, following up and finalizing the work permit,
work permit extension application for foreigners planned to be employed in Turkey, including foreigners to be employed by legal entities subject to the Foreign Direct Investment Law, and supporting the spouses and children of those who will obtain a work permit in Turkey.
making, following up and finalizing the family residence permit application,
Within the scope of the Turkish Citizenship Law No. 5901, the citizenship application procedures of foreigners who want to acquire Turkish Citizenship are carried out, followed up and finalized,
Within the scope of Value Added Tax Law No. 3065, subparagraph 13/i, making, following up and concluding the application for exemption from value added tax, which foreigners who are not resident in Turkey are liable to pay in their real estate purchases in Turkey.