Banking and Finance

Bafa Law provides services in the field of Banking and Finance Law to a wide range of clients such as banks, financial institutions, leasing companies and borrowers. The Banking and Finance Law department provides a service that complements and encompasses its clients in the context of documentation, restructuring and instruments of financial packages, both nationally and internationally.

Some of the services offered by Bafa Law in the field of Banking and Finance Law:
Consultancy service on the functioning, structure and organization of Banking Law and Finance/Credit institutions
Loan Agreements
Company Financing
Goods and Project Financing
Structural Finance
International Trade Finance
Investing and applying security benefits
Islamic Finance Law
Corporate Finance
Capital Markets
Company Financing
Issuance of asset-backed securities
Asset Financing
Structured Financing
Bafa Law has experience in following all kinds of litigation and arbitration procedures at national and international level. In the field of Litigation Arbitration and Dispute Resolution, our office provides litigation, arbitration and dispute resolution services in all branches of law, especially cases related to disputes arising from commercial contracts and the implementation of foreign arbitration decisions in Turkey.

Bafa Law offers effective solutions for cases and events that can be resolved by agreement without resorting to legal remedies. Thanks to his cooperation with law firms in many countries of the world and membership of international professional organizations, he has achieved many peace agreements and resolved arbitration cases.